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Quality and quality management

ISO-certified quality management for customer-orientated processes More than mere product quality in the form of value and reliability

For us, quality management is a comprehensive approach and pervades everything that the company does.

This means that we target not only quality assurance, but most importantly the ongoing improvement of all of our processes, whether they are value-creating or value-supporting, and always with the goal of ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Quality begins with documentation of the needs of the customer and market, and extends across product development (FMEA, APQP, etc.) through to the entire lifecycle of our products. Processes must be measurable - and therefore manageable - in terms of their efficiency and effectiveness.

This comprehensive approach to quality management represents our foundations for successful long-term business relationships with our partners.

Stringent certification High standards in all areas of production

Integrated management systems ensure customer-focused processes

Our production has established lean management with the 'WALTHER-WERKE production system (WPS)' and is therefore committed to combating loss and waste.

Today, we have a modern and regionally referenced production system that uses consistent shop floor management to represent all of the relevant key performance indicators in a cascaded manner and which, through problem-solving methods in combination with an extensive toolbox of lean methods (SMED, One Peace Flow, Kanban, TPM, value flow design, etc.), continually optimises our processes to benefit our customers. Trained CIP teams work daily to improve our processes and integrate suggestions from all of our employees to create the best solutions.

Lean management and continuous improvement processes (CIP) have now evolved to become the corporate culture at WALTHER-WERKE.