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PROCON connectors

PROCON connectors


PROCON connectors are used to supply power and control and are used in measurement and control technology as well as in mechanical and systems engineering. Lighting and stage technology also uses PROCON connectors. At the same time, they also serve as interfaces for PCs or diagnostic equipment in order to transfer operating data or monitored information during system operation.

Rectangular shape for the best possible use of space


The footprint of the rectangular plug connections offers the best possible use of space for various contact arrangements, according to which the individual series are differentiated. The rectangular shape is also very easy to install and space-saving in machine recesses, sectional steel and on switching cabinet surfaces.

Signal and power transfer


The industrial plug connection range is made up of housings and inserts. Base, panel, grommet and coupling housing from the A3-A32 and B6-B48 series are available in aluminium, zinc and plastic and can be equipped with various locking types (lateral, longitudinal and central locking).

The glass fibre-reinforced plastic inserts can accommodate from 3 to 280 contacts and be designed as crimp, screw, push-in or IDC connections. Depending on their use, special high-current, high-voltage or high-temperature inserts are available.

Up to 80A or 1,000 Volt can be transferred with modular inserts. The system also offers the option of using coaxial, RJ45, universal or professional bus and pneumatic modules.

PROCON One-Touch


The new PROCON B6 Series "One-Touch" with a "Easy Latch" connector can be used in applications where "space" is at a primium. For applications that require multiple connectors mounted in a "tight" space or closely together the PROCON "One-Touch" design is the perfect solution!



PROCON housings are made from die cast aluminium, die cast zinc and glass fibre-reinforced polyamide. A seawater-resistant special aluminium die cast alloy is used for the BHT series. The aluminium housing is given a high-quality powder coating in grey for standard applications, black for increased environmental requirements (BHT series) and silver for electromagnetic compatibility.

Contact inserts


The contact inserts and contact carriers are made from glass fibre-reinforced plastic and can accommodate from 3 to 280 contacts. They are suitable for temperature ranges from -40°C to +125°C (special design up to +180°C) and are differentiated in terms of their connection technology into crimp, screw, push-in and IDC connections.

Modular system


The MO series represents a logical, user-focused further development of the PROCON industrial plug connection system. The advantage of this is the modularisation of the insert.  The conventional division into pin and socket contact inserts no longer applies here. The user has the option of inverse placement, i.e. a holder frame can accommodate both pin and socket contact carriers in a modular construction. 



Contacts are the core of any plug connection. Revolving machines automatically check each contact. Pins and sleeves are subjected to the most stringent quality checks. This guarantees consistently easy connection and disconnection for many years.

PROCON connectors