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CEE plug connections


CEE-type plug connections from WALTHER-WERKE satisfy all IEC 60309-1/2 requirements. All designs defined by the standards for applications, such as industry, camping and containers, are available from us. The product portfolio ranges from 3 x 16 A to 5 x 125 A and comprises wall sockets, plugs, couplings, panel sockets and device plugs. IP 44 and IP 67 are available as protection categories. Phase inverters and test plugs, for example, are available as special solutions.

NEO More than a plug


First and foremost, the new generation of CEE NEO delivers maximum user benefits. The amount of work required is reduced with improved connection technology, easy housing opening and a one-touch closure system. With the functions of Intelligent Power Distribution (IPD), CEE NEO plug connections can share their status with a superordinate software level. This means that power distributions are intelligent throughout and can be controlled by the user.

Manufactured CEE cables professional, versatile, economical


Manufactured cables are proving increasingly popular. With our professionally manufactured extension and connecting cables, as well as pre-fabricated panel sockets, we offer cost-effective solutions for a wide range of problems. The diversity of the possible uses and combinations of plug types, couplings and cables, is endless.

Screw-free connection technology easy handling, short connection time


With screw-free connection technology on CEE plug connections, the connection time is significantly shortened. The plug device is made of a front housing part with an insulation displacement connector, a rear housing part and a distributor ring into which the cable is clamped. By screwing the two parts of the housing together, the cable is rotated around 180┬░, with the bushing cut until contact is made. By turning the cable in the distributor ring, the tensile force is relieved by much more than the required amount. The even, permanent contact pressure ensures excellent conduction values and the 2-component injection technology on the cable inlet and front housing part ensure a perfect seal. Contacting, strain relief and sealing are carried out in just one operation.

NORVO series Low-voltage plug connections


With low-voltage plug connections, the rated voltage is limited to no more than 50V, serving as a protection measure for use under difficult conditions, such as in pipeline construction, power plant construction, protected areas and boiler operations

MONDO panel sockets for surface, recessed and trough installation


Panel sockets from the MONDO series are primarily used in high-profile areas. They are also unaffected by ball strikes and can be used in sports venues. The flat cover means a low housing height - especially as a panel socket in a recessed or trough installation.

Our products are CE-compliant according to the Low Voltage Directive and bear the most important test marks worldwide.



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CEE plugs and sockets

wall sockets 16A - 125 A

CEE plugs 16A - 125A

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Panel sockets 16A - 125 A

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