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Compact transformer stations and switching stations from BOSECKER are used wherever large amounts of energy are needed in a specific place, e.g. in residential and industrial areas, on major construction sites and at public festivals.



BOSECKER compact stations are manufactured and type tested according to VDE 0671 Part 202. The key tests include the internal arc test, the heat test and the test according to the 26th Federal Emissions Protection Directive.


All external housing elements are made from stainless steel, Material No. 1.4301. The low-voltage switching framework and the internal covers and panels are made from galvanised sheet steel. Housing designs made from galvanised sheet steel are optionally available.



All BOSECKER compact stations are coated with heavy metal-free 2K paint. The shade can be chosen according to the customer's preferences from the RAL colour chart.   


The housing is made from maintenance-free material. If mechanical influences cause damage, doors or wall elements can be replaced. The use of stainless steel means that any damage to the paint surface does not result in corrosion.


All doors are equipped with self-locking door stays so that any danger to the operator from the doors closing is avoided.

Locking system

The doors are closed using a bar lock with pivoted handle and profile half-cylinder. On request, a pivot lever for a double-locking system or padlock can be used.


Air circulation and ventilation

A Labyrinth air circulation system within the roof construction, side walls and doors, ensures the rapid dissipation of lost heat. It also prevents the installations from developing condensation. The cladding of the side walls with shielded panels prevents excessive heating of the interior from the effects of sunlight.



Even with our standard range, we cover a wide area of applications for general transformer stations. We also offer a variety of special solutions. Thanks to our own design department and station production facilities, we offer tremendous flexibility in terms of design.

Mobile sled stations for extremely harsh conditions

Mobile grid stations with sled bases

Mobile transformer stations for use in high environmental temperatures

  • For use in opencast mining, construction sites, etc.
  • Extremely torsion-resistant sled base frame, ideal for lashing procedures in open terrain
  • Power up to 800 kVA
  • For use in underground mining, temporary power supply, etc.
  • Very low transport weight
  • Compact construction
  • Power up to 1000 kVA
  • High protection category
  • Third-party air circulation for overload
  • Power up to 1000 kVA

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power station Serie BOS 2700

Power station Serie BOS 2900

mobile transformer station Serie BOS 2919

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