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Modular system for individual inserts


The Mo series, in combination with the tried-and-tested standard housings of the B series, allows the synthesis of electrical contacts in inserts of different rated voltages and rated currents and optical contacts in a holder frame.

The modular structure of the inserts allows the user to decide on the specific design for each individual case. The different insert modules are inserted into the holder frame, which varies according to the housing size, where they easily and securely engage. A special release tool ensures the rapid and straightforward adaptation of the plug connection to any changes in the user's requirements.  

At a glance

  • Possible combinations from 2 to a maximum of 2 x 7 contact carriers
  • Engageable contact modules 3 to 280 pins
  • Rated current 5A - 50A
  • Rated voltage 63V - 1000V
  • Connection cross-section 0.08 - 4.0 mm
  • Universal bus, Profibus, RJ45 and pneumatic modules