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WALTHER Electric has introduced a new PROCON B6 Series "Easy Latch" connector disign that can be used in applications where "space" is at a primium. For applications that require multiple connectors mounted in a "tight" space or closely together the PROCON "One-Touch" design is the perfect solution!

Features and benefits


• Robust design
• Lever-Less construction
• One hand operation
• The hood design is „low“ profile and compact
• Mating of hood and housing is possible in areas that are difficult to access
• The comfortable grip design of the hood allows it to be disconnected from housing
  in challenging environments
• The B6 series design allows for multiple combinations of inserts including for power,
  control, or a combination of both
• Cable opening is large enough to accommodate a cable with a nominal OD of up
   to 1.25“
• The hoods „ergonomic“ design allows for it to be pulled through tight areas and
   rack systems (cable assembly)
• Moderate „mating“ & „breaking“ forces
• Hood & housing system is IP54 rated

One-Touch Lever-Less Latching System


Latching system secures tightly both hood and housing assembly, the sealing works even when external forces are applied (IP54), the One-Touch system is low profile and the hood assembly has a comfortable grip. The system can be operated even when covered by dust, grease or other substances that allow for a secure grip of the hood. The locking mechanism can be operated multiple times per day by one operator, the system can be easily installed or pulled through (cable assembly) tight areas / rack systems.

Customized solutions

  • WALTHER can custom design configurations that meet your application requirement

  • WALTHER can produce and supply the mating cable assemblies


  • Data Center

  • OEM´s

  • Entertainment & Sporting Events