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Crane and large equipment distributors


Crane and large equipment distributors are power distributors with RCD protection switches sensitive to universal current. They are used to supply power to machinery and equipment with frequency converter-controlled drives, such as construction cranes, tunnel construction equipment or lifts. This frequency converter-controlled technology offers the advantage that the speed of the drive motors can be varied.

Technical equipment

  • Housing made from electrolytically galvanised sheet steel
  • Underframes full bath hot-dip galvanised, with welded struts and eyelets for ground nails
  • Labyrinth forced ventilation to protect against condensation water
  • Swivel crane eyelets and lateral carrying handles
  • with heavy metal-free plastic coating colour:
  • RAL 2004 - pure orange - or as per the RAL colour chart
  • With single door, spring drop bar for padlock and handle recess
  • Installations in insulating material housing
  • Protection category: IP 44
  • Special distributors and designs are available for non-standard requirements