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A broad portfolio for a wide range of requirements

industrial distributors
Energy bollards
wall socket combinations
suspension-type socket combinations
PROCON connectors



Depending on the sector of industry, alongside fixed-installation main and sub-distributors, there are different requirements. In heavy industry, such as in shipbuilding or the steel industry, high-current supply units (63 A, 125 A) in robust housings are primarily required. In assembly facilities, however, the demands are more for 32 A and earthed sockets. Here, space-saving solutions are provided where required to many locations.

In this area, the demand for integrated network connectivity is growing constantly due to industry 4.0. Power distributors are also needed on the grounds outside the production facilities, in some cases with criteria to be met in terms of appearance and flexibility. In the context of energy management and energy efficiency, in future more metering installations will be required - all the way through to networked and software-based systems and the integration of consumption and load monitoring in the company's own back-end. For these and other requirements, WALTHER-WERKE is the ideal partner for your projects thanks to its broad range of expertise in power distribution, plug connections and software solutions. We offer you comprehensive solutions from a single source.