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A cable bridge is used as protection for lines, cables and hoses to prevent them from being run over, and also protects against trip hazards. Cables and lines are protected from crushing and accidents. The dimensions are chosen so that even large cable diameters such as 5x70 mm² or 1x120 mm² (4-channel) can fit. With a load capacity of up to 9 t, cable bridges can also be driven over by trucks at a maximum speed of 10 km/h.

Industrial Cable Protectors


At a glance

  • SBR / NBR rubber material
  • Axle load 0.2 t / 9 t
  • Non-slip surface
  • Can be extended indefinitely
  • Black / yellow warning colours
  • Cable bridge components are available straight and with a 30° curve (90° angles can be achieved with 3 curved components)
  • High self-weight, very stable coating
  • Non-conductive and up to 110 kV of dielectric strength
  • Resistant to acids and alkalis
  • UV and heat resistant

1-channel cable bridges specifically for people transport


The 1-channel cable bridges can be used both outdoors and as floor troughs in an industrial setting, in warehouses and in offices. With its ridged surface, the cable bridge can be walked on and is non-slip. The flat cable platform means that pedestrians can walk over it easily and it is even suitable for wheelchairs, since it is slightly angled and lies as flat as possible on the floor. The 1-channel cable bridges are not suitable for road traffic.

1 Channel Cable Raceway

Avoiding safety risks

Cable bridges increase safety not just on construction sites, but also at events. Hoses and cables can be accommodated easily in internal cable ducts of varying sizes, thereby avoiding trip hazards from exposed cables on the ground. And so as not to create a trip hazard of its own, the cable bridge bears black / yellow warning colours to create a highly visible floor marking. It can also be used as a speed bump for traffic calming purposes.

Flexible for individual requirements

Our range of different cable bridges supports flexible cable running indoors and outdoors. With connecting pins, individual elements can be grouped together to create indefinitely extendable cable bridges. With the 30° curved elements, arcs of up to 90° can be created.