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CUBE 400 charging compartments for e-bikes and pedelecs


A CUBE system consists of three, six or nine charging compartments, cooling technology and supply units. Optional alignment on all three sides provides optimum accessibility. The individual CUBEs have smart details such as integral cable management, adequate storage space for the charger and utensils as well as different surfaces and materials. Thanks to its solid workmanship, the CUBE 400 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Returnable coin-deposit or coin-operated locking systems are available.

The battery can also be left on the e-bike. Simply connect the charger in the locker and the charging cable via the cable outlet in the door to the outside. The earthed socket integrated into the charging compartment switches only when the door is closed, ensuring maximum safety. An LED indicates that charging is in process or that there is a possible malfunction.

At a glance

  • Extremely appealing and highly functional
  • For setup indoors and outdoors thanks to stable workmanship
  • Cubes connected from top to bottom or side to side as the basis for the charging solution
  • A CUBE system is made up of three, six or nine charging compartments with orientation to three sides
  • Integrated earthed socket and storage space in the charging compartment
  • Maximum safety - the charging process begins only when the door is closed
  • Modular system for maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness
  • Returnable coin deposit or coin-operated locking system
  • Cable outlet in the door for charging cable - no need to remove the battery
  • LED display indicates the charging process or faults

accessories and release


Lighting modules

Lighting is integrated into the roof and is used as an orientation light for the operating sides. The energy-saving LEDs are activated using twilight switches.

Ready-to-use foundations

Foundations made from stainless steel are the alternative for setting up the CUBEs on a solid surface. This ensures maximum stability at all times.

Individual cladding and painting

Design of the CUBEs in the customer's design creates a powerful advertising effect and generates positive attention that remains in the public eye all year round.


Coin-deposit lock

Battery charging begins after the coin is inserted and the door is closed. When the door is opened, the coin is returned and battery charging stops.


Coin-operated locking system

Battery charging begins when the coin is inserted and the door is closed, and ends when the door is opened again. The coin remains in the cash compartment and is removed by the operating using a key.

Technology compartment


The compartment at the very bottom of the ready-wired CUBE is used as a supply and technology compartment. This is where the connection terminals for the power feed, safety devices and electronics are safely accommodated in an industrial housing with a high protection category. Access to the supply compartment is gained from the front via a removable door with lock. A fuse and personal safety are provided for each charging compartment through a fault current / circuit breaker combination (RC/CB/RCBO, 2-pin, comprising RC(RCD) Type A, 6/0.03A and (CB/MCB) 6A B).