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Innovative systems for flexible power distribution

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Comprehensive solutions for power distribution from medium voltage upwards


WALTHER-WERKE offers comprehensive solutions for power distribution from medium voltage upwards and supplies it to the consumer. Whether it be construction cranes, electric cars, industrial equipment or camper vans - with static and mobile transformer stations and switchgear, we are able to transform or switch low voltage to a maximum of 400 V. The local distribution is then delivered via a wide range of main, sub and terminal distributors for all kinds of temporary or static purposes. The particular feature of this is that the power distribution can be scaled and extended at any time, depending on the energy demands. CEE-type plug connections, industrial plug connections and charging plug connections for electromobility represent the "handover point" to the consumers. And all of these are "Made by WALTHER". This means that everything comes from a single source, and everything is related; designed for maximum service life, even under the most difficult operating conditions.

The unique depth and width of the product portfolio means that WALTHER-WERKE is able to design comprehensive solutions and systems for customers that are perfectly coordinated with each other. The advantage for the customer lies primarily in the fact that only one contact is designated responsible for the whole project, with all of the overall system requirements. This saves customer’s time having to laboriously put together individual components. Even if the system needs to be extended or if other technical challenges arise, there is only ever one contact. Due to that contact's system expertise, they are able to offer effective and efficient solutions quickly.