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We offer the most extensive range of products on the market for electromobility - charging solutions for the public, semi-public and private sectors for all current and future electric vehicles. Any multi-storey car park or corporate parking area can be equipped with our charging stations, as can the garage at home, with a modern wall box. All products satisfy the latest norms and standards. The modular structure of the equipment means that WALTHER-WERKE offers the maximum of flexibility.

The future of electromobility depends crucially on the charging infrastructure and the optimum interaction between components and systems. Before electric cars or e-bikes can move, they need to be charged. Charging should be easy and convenient and bring as many benefits as possible to operators and user groups.

Target user groups

OEM partners


As a full-service provider for charging technology for electromobility, WALTHER-WERKE offers its OEM partners modular charging solutions and components. We are one of the leading suppliers of charging cables. WALTHER-WERKE demonstrates to automotive manufacturers and its customers - motorists - both through their smartly designed wall boxes and charging stations that e-mobility is not only sensible, but can also project an elegant and innovative image. OEM partners are happy to use our charging sockets and connecting cables in order to create their own product lines or implement special solutions.

Private users


Whether for a solar carport or a garage, WALTHER-WERKE's solutions are perfectly coordinated with the needs of individuals. One example is the interconnection of electromobility with "off-grid" renewable energy, e.g. from a private solar installation. With WALTHER's intelligent charging systems, solutions that are ecologically and economically attractive can be created in a profitable manner.

Business models


WALTHER-WERKE provides tailored charging solutions with their charging systems for fleet and car park operators, public utilities and energy suppliers, operators of e-bike networks - and their clients. The connection of charging stations to parking machines, car-sharing with online availability queries for charging stations and vehicles, or decentralised billing solutions for the company's own fleet are just a few examples of many. This wide range of identification and settlement methods can be implemented, for example, as part of Ladenetz, StromTicket or Hubject as well as other methods in the system network.



In the future electric vehicles will find particular use in fleets. This means that as many charging points as possible will be provided, with different charging power outputs. WALTHER-WERKE provides fleet managers with a flexible infrastructure that grows with the number of electric cars being used. The charging stations and wall boxes are individually tailored to meet particular customer requirements and can be expanded gradually, in the form of scalable systems, through load management and monitoring functions.


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Customisable charging stations are perfect image carriers and an excellent marketing tool for businesses and communities. With specific cladding in tailored designs and with built-in colour displays, they offer operators an excellent opportunity to present their innovative electromobility transport marketing message. You can therefore demonstrate not only that you are environmentally friendly, but also customer-focused, by offering free charging for electric cars and e-bikes, for example.