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portable distributors corect and safe solutions for customised installation requirements


Portable distributors made from solid rubber are used on construction sites especially, but also in the entertainment industry and heavy industry. Their extremely robust design can withstand even the roughest conditions. Thanks to its ability to be stacked, the distributor can be transported and stored in a space-saving way.

However even conventional plastic combinations can be used on the move thanks to useful carrying handles or fold-down frames. The cable access is via either a device plug or an H07RN-F supply cable with CEE plug.

CEE-type socket combinations are managed and manufactured in accordance with the international standard for low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies, DIN EN 61439. Each socket combination is wired ready for connection and is subjected to an individual unit test before being supplied with a testing log.

at a glance

  • Use on construction sites, heavy industry and in the events industry
  • Extremely robust design can withstand even the roughest conditions
  • Space-saving storage and transport thanks to stackability
  • Practical carrying handles or fold-down frames for the mobile use of conventional wall socket combinations
  • Power distribution via accessory equipment plugs or flexible rubber hose cable with plug as an earthed plug or CEE plug 16A-125A
  • Standard cable length: 2 metres, with other lengths available on request
  • The company logo or distributor numbers can be applied to the housing cover
  • Protection of all sockets up to 32 A with an RCD residual current circuit breaker supporting a rated differential current of max. 30 mA as per the DIN VDE 0100-410 standard
  • Unit tested in accordance with DIN EN 61439
  • Can be used in a temperature range -25°C to +40°C


Housing features

MaterialMaterial propertiesWall thicknessColourProtection categoryApplication
PC / ABS (grey)• Resistance to chemicals
• Silicon and halogen-free
• Lead and cadmium-free
• shock and impact proof
• UV-resistant
• Highest flammability class acc. to V0, UL-tested
3-4 mmRAL 7035 greyIP67Industrial warehouses
Assembly and production facilities
mixture of natural and styrene-butadiene rubber
• Extremely robust
• unbreakable
• Shock and impact-proof
• UV-resistant
• Resistant to ageing, acids and alkalis
10 mmRAL 9005 blackIP65Construction sites
Heavy industry
PE hard polyethylene• Resistant to acids and alkalis
• Shock and impact-proof
• UV and heat resistant
• Low weight
3-4 mm RAL 9005 black IP44Construction sites

portable distributors

Plastic housing PC/ABS

solid rubber housing NR/SBR rubber

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Accessories for portable distributors

Multiple socket plastic

Multiple socket Solid rubber

protection-BoxX solid rubber